📡What is KMI and how to use it?

KMI is a microservice developed by the Aeza team to anonymously and quickly store and retrieve any textual information

To use it, you need a device with the curl utility, usually available on all Linux distributions, installed via a package manager like apt install curl or yum install curl and so on.

Then type a simple command and your text/text file is instantly stored in the cloud.

cat hello-world.c | curl -F 'kmi=<-' https://kmi.aeza.net
// You will then receive a short and convenient link to your text file format https://kmi.aeza.net/dJdFRy

KMI is completely free, has no restrictions, limits or anything else. Use as much as you need.

You can also install a script for more convenient use of KMI, you can do it as follows:

// Installing curl
curl https://kmi.aeza.net/install | sudo sh

// Usage
echo 123 | kmi
// Where 123 is the text to load into the KMI

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